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Coming over the pinnacle is one of the maximum commonplace problems in golf, if now not the most not unusual. There’s no better solution than the PlaneMate via TourStriker Golf. You wear it around your waist like a belt which connects to the club through an elastic band. (There are 3 special kinds of bands that vary in difficulty.) The PlaneMate might also look a bit extreme, golf swing training aid however it works. How could it not? The education aid literally pulls your club into an appropriate position on the downswing.

golf swing training aid

Running this site for more than one years, I actually have seen the vast array of merchandise available to golfers, and feature tested a lot of them. I constantly acquire emails from inventors who’re looking to promote their products. Sadly, I realize most of them are going to fail, and all of their time and funding isn’t going to result in success. The golf marketplace is brutal and most effective a pick few are going to make it.

Most golfers take a very haphazard approach to their practice periods. There is no shape and that they emerge as doing the same things again and again again to their own detriment (something I constantly try to correct in this internet site).

Many golfers purchasing training aids have a comparable pattern of use to youngsters with a brand new toy – it shows up, you get excited and play with it for per week, but then it becomes a part of that huge pile that simply grows.

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