How to Get Rid of Pigeons

You can try this via putting sand in the determine via the hollow at the lowest. Then seal it with the plug that comes with the figurine. Alternatively, you can insert a 1 ¼” PVC pipe and cozy that to a wooden board or something heavy.

Desperate to maintain pigeons off the balcony? Have you bought pigeons at the roof pooping throughout your home? If you need to get rid of birds around your own home without spending a lot, just look for something that displays light.

Birds, in popular, do now not like vibrant flashes of mild. Avian eyes react to the prism impact, leaving birds feeling disoriented.

The precise thing is, this precept can be carried out with a selection of factors mendacity around your home or going for reasonably-priced for your nearby department save. Old CDs, small mirrors, aluminum foil strips, foil balloons, or out of doors reflective tape are some popular alternatives.

Hang them from a string and function them wherever you see pigeons hanging out. As they pass with the wind, these trap the light and scare pigeons away.

If you are going for comfort and low renovation, strive the De-Bird Reflective Scare Tape. This is a few of the most famous fowl deflectors as it catches the mild thoroughly and crackles loudly within the breeze.

A unmarried roll contains 350 feet of tape so it could cowl a large place. It’s pleasant to reduce out strips sixteen-18 inches lengthy. Tack them on vertical surfaces close to wherein pigeons like to roost, or else cling them from a string and let them flap inside the wind. Pigeon Pest Control They closing for months, however you can easily replace them with the aid of cutting another strip.

If you need to protect your ledges from pigeon roosting, anti-roosting spikes are an excellent alternative. By minimizing areas wherein they could get a foothold, you’re making your house a much less viable choice for pigeons to hang around in.

The Bird-X Bird Spikes Kit is popular because it has protrusions that make it hard for big birds to sit.

The plastic polycarbonate fabric is long lasting, long-lasting, and requires little to no protection. It’s additionally clean-coloured, making it tough to be aware from a distance. This way, it does now not bog down the aesthetics of your home. You may additionally favor to use the special adhesive glue that comes with the package, or you could attach it the usage of nails, screws, or tie-downs. This is a good manner to keep pigeons away from horizontal surfaces, but observe that those birds are clever.






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