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Physiotherapy is the practice of promoting health by using physical examination, diagnosis, and prognosis to treat, prevent, and restore function. It also includes disease prevention and patient education. Physiotherapists are trained to provide individualized care. For more information, read on. To learn more about this profession, visit To learn more about physiotherapy, watch this video. It will give you an idea of what physiotherapists do.

Physiotherapists specialize in treating patients of all ages and conditions. They specialize in managing the pain and function of people of all ages. Physiotherapists help patients recover from acute injuries, help them prevent disease, and facilitate recovery. Moreover, physiotherapy also helps patients return to work and maintain independence. As part of its holistic approach to health, physiotherapists educate their clients and use the latest evidence-based therapies.

Physiotherapy is a form of medical treatment that aims to improve the ability of people to move. As the name implies, physiotherapists attempt to improve movement by correcting soft-tissue damage and injuries. Because pain is often a result of poor mobility, most patients will see a physiotherapist after an injury or major surgery. Physiotherapists have contributed to advances in pain science and are now increasingly focused on rehabilitation rather than surgery.

Physiotherapists also work with the nervous system and treat other physical disorders. This type of therapy is used in brain surgery rehabilitation, and cardiothoracic therapy treats cardiovascular ailments. Besides performing exercises and manual resistance training, physiotherapists use acupuncture and aquatic therapy. A physiotherapist’s job is to help patients overcome their physical limitations and live healthier lives. In addition to a traditional physical examination, a physiotherapist can prescribe specific aids or appliances that can improve their health and function.

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