Chiropractic Adjustment

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A chiropractor uses gentle manipulations of the spine and shoulders to treat back and neck pain. A typical chiropractic adjustment will take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes, but can be longer for those who have been in pain for several years. A recent injury may only require a short treatment period. After an adjustment, patients should remain active to avoid the effects of sitting for too long. A standing desk will allow them to stay mobile and continue to benefit from the adjustment.

The most common reaction to a chiropractic adjustment is aching in the muscles and joints. This usually occurs within the first few hours after the treatment, and usually does not last for more than 24 hours. Most chiropractors recommend applying ice to the area immediately following treatment. The pain will subside quickly. In rare cases, a second or third adjustment may be necessary. A consultation with your chiropractor will determine which type of adjustment is best for your specific needs.

A chiropractic adjustment involves a variety of techniques. The doctor will consult with you to determine the most effective method for your particular needs. The doctor will analyze your posture and use X-rays or computed tomography scans to diagnose specific issues. A chiropractor will then use a combination of force to push a joint through a full range of motion. Some chiropractors offer more complex procedures, while others specialize in a specific type of manipulation.

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