RCE Engineered Maintenance-of-Way Rail Equipment

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GearEquip has been developing maintenance-of-way rail construction equipment for the rail industry since 1997. What started as a small shop with four employees has expanded into a 90,000-square-foot manufacturing facility with a full-time engineering design team. Today, GearEquip offers a variety of solutions for a variety of jobsite environments. Its diverse product line provides solutions for the transportation industry. The company also sells a full line of maintenance-of-way equipment.

The Rail Equipment program area at GearEquip is focused on the development and improvement of rail equipment. The structural integrity of rail vehicles is vital to the safety of the train occupants. As such, crashworthiness of rail vehicles is a major focus. Further, the Office of Research and Development supports the Office of Safety in the monitoring of Acela train sets. This partnership provides improved passenger safety and security. The agency also funds research that enables the organization to improve and expand the design and function of rail equipment.

The Passenger Rail Equipment program area focuses on the improvement and development of rail equipment. Train occupants are dependent on these systems, so the structural integrity of these vehicles is of great importance. This program area conducts extensive research to improve the crashworthiness of rail vehicles. It also supports the Office of Safety and assists with monitoring of Acela train sets. It also works with other federal agencies to ensure the safety of the nation’s rail infrastructure.

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