Satellite IP Is Integral to Smart Grid and Electric Utility Systems

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As we hope to foster the public Smart Grid in the most productive ways conceivable, one needs to consider all types of innovation without inclining toward one correspondences or networking innovation over another. Considering its extending significance, satellite networking innovation should assume a basic part in Smart Grid endeavors for the utility business.


Satellite SCADA arrangements offer:


  • high accessibility
  • pervasiveness
  • way variety
  • The Advocates


The portable satellite correspondence industry is completely put resources into bringing another class of Internet Protocol (IP)- based interchanges like Satellite SCADA. A viable shrewd matrix relies upon a powerful network and far off interchanges foundation. This is significant for organizations to think about while executing their own savvy network drives. It’s not sensible to expect any one-size-fits-all interchanges answer for oblige brilliant lattice execution. The most down to earth way to deal with meet this prerequisite is to use the wide scope of transport advancements accessible while depending on normal open guidelines, for example, the previously mentioned Internet Protocol (IP) standard, to coordinate into a solitary generally network design. Albeit a wide assortment of broadband stages might be utilized, it is the organizations conviction that the IP standard ought to be utilized for the start to finish network layer.


Satellite based administrations are a fundamental piece of the multi-innovation approach expected by the utility business to accomplish a start to finish, shrewd matrix interchanges framework – – one that is dependable, quick, secure, and cost-productive. Likewise, the DOE should foster approaches which are innovation impartial, not leaning toward a specific interchanges or networking innovation over another.


The Solution


Existing satellite networks can be utilized promptly to fulfill correspondences needs for utilities and Smart Grid. Satellite plays a significant part for Smart Grid applications in the accompanying key regions


Conveyance Automation – A solitary, high accessibility association at a passageway that is taken care of by appropriation gadgets, upholds the traffic profile, high accessibility, and universality

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