What Does an Exterminator Do?

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An exterminator is an individual who specializes in removing pests and insects from homes and businesses. They may use chemicals to kill pests, or natural remedies. In addition, they may use traps to catch small animals. Depending on the species of the pests, an exterminator will need to visit different locations, such as sewage systems and garbage disposal sites. They will also be expected to follow certain regulations regarding environmental impact.

When an exterminator arrives at a client’s home, he will ask about the type of pest problems that a customer is experiencing. Next, he will conduct a thorough inspection of the affected area. The exterminator will inspect all possible locations in the house as well as outside sources. If he finds signs of a pest problem, he will discuss the various methods he can use to get rid of it. Once the customer approves the plan, the process will begin. Typically, this involves applying insecticides and setting traps. In some cases, the exterminator may even need to seal the premises with a special type of material.

Regardless of the type of pest infestation, an exterminator is the person to call when there is a pest problem. In many cases, this person will be the first one to address the problem. An exterminator can be either a generalist or a specialist. While both types of professionals have the same objective, their methods are not necessarily the same. The most effective way to get rid of a pest problem is to treat the source of the infestation.

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