What is electric vehicle charging station?

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Ann Arbor, MI become the handiest region in which we couldn’t park and plug at the first charging stations we had in thoughts because other EVs were plugged in—after which we just drove to every other ground in the identical storage and observed to be had chargers. Chicago turned into the most effective city where we needed to visit a 2nd garage to discover a operating charger, however parking in downtown Chicago isn’t clean regardless of what kind of vehicle you force. This is part of why EV-superb policies have to also include higher electrified transportation alternatives past mild-duty passenger cars.

We additionally observed that some charging stations are designed to appearance smooth and futuristic, even as others had been more along the lines of a small, plain metallic field. However, appearances may be deceiving: how glamorous the charging station regarded became no longer a hallmark of ways nicely it worked.

When we had lengthy-distance drives, like from Champaign to St. Louis (170-one hundred eighty miles), we stopped at Level three chargers to extend our variety. car charging points On those Level three charging stops, we almost usually spent time at nearby companies, such as neighborhood restaurants, Walmarts, and Dunkin’ Donuts. (In our Midwest journey, we observed that quite a piece of the area’s Level three chargers are paired with Walmarts and Dunkin’.) This shows that there’s a sturdy economic case for agencies each huge and small to put in Level three chargers on web site to draw EV- and hybrid-using customers. Generally, you may additionally spend your time at Level three chargers relaxing by way of studying a e-book, looking TV, or stretching your legs even as your EV fills up.

Or you could (even) talk to your friends at the plug. EVs are still rare sufficient in maximum states that it’s smooth to bond with a fellow EV driver at a charging station, and we’ve determined that EV drivers in the Midwest love to talk vehicles. Some of our favorite moments at the trip had been speaking to drivers simply as excited about this new technology as we are and fielding questions from curious passersby. We wish that this feel of tight-knit network lasts at the same time as better regulations force in addition EV adoption and extend the EV network throughout the usa and in the Midwest mainly.


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